Scaled City Comparisons
      Maps of US cities to the same scale

What you’re seeing is a series of maps that show the urbanized areas, major roadways and rail transit lines* of every metropolitan area in the United States with a population over one million. The maps are special for two reasons. First, the urbanized area boundaries follow official government standards. That is, they show continuous census tracts (roughly neighborhood-scale geographic units) with a population density of at least 1,000 people per square mile, as defined by the United States Census Bureau. Unlike most maps we’ve seen, these illustrate the actual built-up, non-rural metropolis as accurately as possible. Second, the maps are all to the same scale. You can pull up maps of multiple cities next to one another and compare.

You may be asking what this has to do with Washington and why it’s on BeyondDC. Well… we admit it: This feature doesn’t really have anything to do with Washington, at least not any more than it does every any large city in the country. No, it’s just something we put together for other reasons, thought was cool, and figured readers might enjoy.

* Not including airport people movers, tourist trains or heritage trolley operations.

City Rail Transit Notes
Albany No
Atlanta Yes
Austin No
Birmingham No
Boston / Providence Yes
Buffalo Yes
Charlotte Yes Streetcar opened in 2004 but is not shown
Chicago Yes
Cincinnati / Dayton No
Cleveland Yes
Columbus No
Dallas / Fort Worth Yes
Denver Yes
Detroit Yes
Grand Rapids No
Hartford / Springfield No Map includes northern parts of New York system
Houston Yes Map edited by Tony DeFalco
Indianapolis No
Jacksonville Yes
Kansas City No
Las Vegas Yes Monorail opened in 2004 but is not shown
Los Angeles Yes
Louisville No
Memphis Yes
Miami Yes
Milwaukee No
Minneapolis / St Paul Yes Map edited by Andy Tucker
Nashville No
New Orleans Yes Additional service opened in 2004 but is not shown
New York Yes
Norfolk / VA Beach No
Oklahoma City No
Orlando No
Philadelphia Yes Map edited by R. Bradley Maule
Phoenix No
Pittsburgh Yes
Portland Yes
Raleigh / Durham No
Richmond No
Rochester No
Saint Louis Yes
Salt Lake City Yes
San Antonio No
San Diego Yes
San Francisco / Sacramento Yes Map edited by Steve Boland
Seattle Yes Map edited by Andy Tucker
Tampa No
Washington / Baltimore Yes Additional service opened in 2004 but is not shown
Winston-Salem / Greensboro No