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Two transit tidbits

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The Tysons Corner subway under construction.
Photo by Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. Click to enlarge.

Two tantalizing transit tidbits. Hooray for alliteration. Anyway:

  1. Last week ANC 3B of Glover Park discussed the prospect of a streetcar on Wisconsin Avenue. The ANC is considering (or considered?) a resolution asking DDOT to include a Wisconsin Avenue route in its extensive planned streetcar network. A Facebook group called Wisconsin Avenue Streetcar Coalition has since sprung into existence.

  2. The latest email version of the Dulles Metrorail project construction update newsletter included the photo at right showing the actual (!) subway tunnel under construction below Route 123 where it meets International Drive. Although most of the line through Tysons Corner will be elevated, there will be a short subway segment between the Tysons Central 123 station and the Tysons Central 7 station. Strangely, as of this writing the online version of said newsletter doesn’t include the photo.

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