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‘Delmarva Shore’ ahead?

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Beaches of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
Beaches of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

From the founding fathers’ decision to name their federal city after George Washington, to WMATA’s neighborhood-defining station names such as Gallery Place and Virginia Square, to developer schemes like Penn Quarter, Washingtonians have never been shy about inventing names for places they deem important. BeyondDC certainly has not been shy, with proposals for Orangeington and Steeple Square.

In that vein, I think it is long past time that Washington’s summer playground get a name. If New England has Cape Cod, New York has The Hamptons, and Carolina has the Outer Banks, why shouldn’t our local collection of beaches have a single identifying moniker? In today’s installment at the Washington Post Local Blogging Network, I ask that question, and suggest that we adopt “Delmarva Shore” as a single name to describe the string of beaches from Cape Henlopen south to Toms Cove, including Ocean City.

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