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Fake facts about DDOT

Fun things happen on Twitter. John Lisle, the DDOT staff person who runs their account, is moving to DC Water and giving up @DDOTDC. Since he’s leaving, he let loose with some of the agency’s closely guarded secrets yesterday. They’re copied here, for those of you who missed them on Twitter.

  1. Bikeshare was the brainchild of Al Gore. He sold it for $500M.
  2. “DC Streetcar” is really just a model we keep around the office pic.twitter.com/I1ZmiU2f
  3. There is a Metro station in Georgetown but it’s VIP only.
  4. We threw out the L’Enfant Plan when we stopped eating French Fries.
  5. We have no idea who designed the Dave Thomas Circle (but it smells so good!)
  6. We have a fleet of red convertible Solaras our employees can use anytime they want to hit the open road: t.co/0fg1bqPt
  7. There is 1 master switch for the streetlights and 1 for the traffic signals, but we don’t know which is which.
  8. We don’t have a clue what our logo means, but we like it.
  9. There is no @DDOTDC. This has all been a hoax.

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