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Top 10 busiest Amtrak stations

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Chicago Union Station, busiest outside the Northeast. Photo by Vincent Desjardins.

As a follow-up to Monday’s map of Amtrak stations by ridership, here are the 10 busiest, ranked in order. Although it’s not surprising that New York, Washington, and Philadelphia are the top 3, it is pretty surprising that 2 of the top 5 and 4 of the top 10 are nowhere near the Northeast.

Number 1: New York Penn Station
8,995,551 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 2: Washington DC Union Station
4,850,685 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 3: Philadelphia 30th Street Station
3,872,392 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 4: Chicago Union Station
3,393,695 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 5: Los Angeles Union Station
1,606,121 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 6: Boston South Station
1,360,162 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 7: Sacramento Valley Station
1,175,046 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 8: Baltimore Penn Station
953,170 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 9: Albany-Rensselaer Station
769,626 boardings/deboardings per year.

Number 10: San Diego Union Station
753,739 boardings/deboardings per year.

The rest of the top 25 includes most of the secondary stations in the northeast, like Wilmington (12), BWI Airport (17), and Harrisburg (21), plus 6 more stations outside the northeast. Those are Seattle (14), Portland (15), Irvine (16), Milwaukee (19), Emeryville (20), and Bakersfield (24).

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  • jfruh

    Are these numbers only counting Amtrak de/boardings, or commuter railroads that use these stations as well?

    • http://twitter.com/beyonddc BeyondDC

      Only Amtrak.

  • Ted King

    For those unfamiliar with the West Coast :nIrvine [nr. Los Angeles] (16);nEmeryville [nr. S.F./Oakland] (20)nBakersfield [110 miles north of L.A., CSU campus] (24)

    • jfruh

      Many passengers taking the train from the Bay Area go to Bakersfield and take a bus from there, which may be why it’s so high on the list.

  • cb

    This is 2011 data, you should reference the 2012 ridership reports from Amtrak’s website, they are even more impressing. Top 8 are all over one million riders per year.



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