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See Google’s brand new satellite images of the Washington region

Google Maps now has brand new satellite images for the Washington region. The new photos, from December 19, 2016, show a cutting-edge view of our city.

New images from December 19 show the Downtown Holiday Market in full swing. Image by Google.

The new images only appear with certain settings. If you’re viewing in the default settings, you still get older photos. Here are instructions for how to change your browser settings to get the new imagery.

Also, the new pictures only cover part of the region; imagery for the Dulles Airport Metro station, for example, is from April.

Here are some highlights

The Georgia Avenue bus lanes, in all their red glory:

Image by Google.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture:

Image by Google.

Construction at Capitol Crossing, atop I-395:

Image by Google.

Preparations for inauguration on Pennsylvania Avenue. And are those moving trucks on the White House driveway?

Image by Google.

MGM casino at National Harbor:

Image by Google.

Takoma-Langley Crossroads transit center:

Image by Google.

The Wharf, at the Southwest Waterfront:

Image by Google.

And finally, the hole where the Washington Post used to be:

Image by Google.

What else can you find that's new?

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