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Dan Malouff. Photo by the Coalition for Smarter Growth.

BeyondDC is devoted to urbanism, transportation, and development in the Washington, DC region. It is the sole property of J. Daniel Malouff, and does not represent the views of his employer in any way.

Malouff is a professional transportation planner for the Arlington County Department of Transportation. He has a degree in Urban Planning from the University of Colorado, and lives a car-free lifestyle in Northwest Washington.

In addition to BeyondDC, Malouff’s writing is frequently featured at Greater Greater Washington and The Washington Post Local Opinion Blog. His work has appeared in print publications such as the The Washington Post, Next American City, Washington Post Express, and the Colorado Daily.

You can follow him on Twitter @BeyondDC, or email him at dan [at] beyonddc [dot] com.

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