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List of all known American & Canadian frequent transit maps

The list
* indicates an unofficial map produced by a third party, rather than the transit agency.
Large cities
Urbanized areas larger than 1 million population, listed alphabetically.
Atlanta no map
Calgary no map
Charlotte no map
Dallas/Ft Worth no map
Detroit no map
Houston no map
Jacksonville no map
Kansas City no map
Las Vegas no map
Los Angeles | Orange Co 1 | Orange Co 2
Memphis no map
Miami no map
Milwaukee no map
Minneapolis/St Paul
New York: NY1* | NY2* | Hudson NJ*
Norfolk/VA Beach no map
Orlando no map
Philadelphia no map
Phoenix no map
Pittsburgh no map
Providence no map
Sacramento no map
Saint Louis no map
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
San Diego no map
San Francisco | East Bay*
San Juan no map
San Jose
Seattle 1 | Seattle 2* | Seattle 3*
Tampa/St Petersburg no map
Washington DC 1 | Washington 2*
Smaller cities
Urbanized areas smaller than 1 million population, listed alphabetically, showing only cities with known maps.
Bellingham, WA
Buffalo, NY*
Champaign/Urbana, IL
Spokane, WA
Tucson, AZ*

This list seeks to link to every known frequent transit map in the US and Canada, including both those officially published by transit agencies and those created unofficially by transit advocates.

What’s a frequent transit map?

Most transit system maps show every bus line with equal weight, so potential riders can’t tell if a route comes every 2 minutes or every 2 hours. Obviously that information makes a huge difference.

Frequent transit maps are fabulous tools that highlight buses and trains that come at least every 15 minutes, all day (not just at rush hour). The point is to help people easily identify the most convenient routes.

Contribute to the list

The list is a work in progress. Not every city has a map, and there are probably maps I don’t know about.

If you know of a frequent transit map that isn’t shown here, please let me know via email.

To qualify, a map must show routes that come at least every 15 minutes off-peak on weekdays. I’ll accept maps that show all routes if they at least highlight the frequent ones, but that 15 minute cut-off is a hard line. 20 minute bus headways is not frequent.

Thanks for your help!

List updated 4.15.2016

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