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Every US bikeshare system, ranked by number of stations of hubs

Since 2010, BeyondDC has counted every bikesharing station in America once per year, and ranked every city with a bikesharing network in order of most stations.

All annual reports
Year Report link Largest city overall Largest new city
2016 Report link New York (645 stations) Topeka or Philadelphia (it’s complicated)
2015 No report
2014 Report link Washington (347 stations) San Diego (117 stations)
2013 Report link New York (330 stations) New York (330 stations)
2012 Report link Washington (191 stations) Chattanooga (30 stations)
2011 Report link Washington (140 stations) Miami Beach (70 stations)
2010 Report link Washington (114 stations) Washington (114 stations)


Largest systems for the most current year
Click here for the complete nationwide list
Rank City Stations
1 New York 645
2 Chicago 581
3 Washington 437
4 Minneapolis 197
5 Boston 184
6 Miami 147
7 Topeka 138
8 Philadelphia 105
9 Portland 100
10 San Diego 95

Notes: Systems marked with a * are hub-based networks, in which each bike contains a lock and can be docked anywhere. Comparing “hubs” and “stations” can exaggerate the size of hub-based systems. For example, Topeka operates a hub-based network with 138 hubs, but it has fewer than 100 actual bicycles, making it much smaller in practice than Philadelphia’s 105-station network.

Counting the number of bikes rather than stations would be a more accurate way to rank systems, but that information is more difficult and time-consuming to obtain.

Systems covering multiple jurisdictions are counted either together or separately depending on how they choose to represent themselves. Thus Bay Area Bikeshare is counted as a single system, while Denver B-Cycle and Boulder B-Cycle are counted separately.

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