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List of all existing & planned Capital Bikeshare expansions

All these Capital Bikeshare expansions are getting confusing. BeyondDC discussed expansion earlier this week, but that post is already obsolete since DDOT’s Wednesday announcement that it is funding 50 new stations in addition to the 30-some already under way.

Let’s take this opportunity to record the history and near future of expansion, in a nice clear table.

I’ll try to update this list whenever new information becomes available, and will add a link to it in the “Features” menu on the BeyondDC home page (left side of the screen) so it always easy to find.

Location Stations Date Official Link
Original System
Arlington – Crystal City 14 Sept 2010
DC 100 Sept 2010 – Feb 2011
Completed Expansions
Arlington – Rosslyn 4 April 2011
Funded Future Expansions
DC – first expansion 34* Fall 2011 Link
Arlington – Rosslyn-Ballston corridor 33* Late 2011 Link
DC – second expansion 50 Early 2012 Link
Rockville 20 Sometime 2012 Link
Alexandria 6** Sometime 2012 N/a
Total Funded System
Regional 261 2012

* The DC and Arlington 2011 expansions have generally been reported as being “around 25 and 30 stations” respectively. I came up with 34 and 33 stations by counting the proposed locations shown on the linked maps.

** Apparently Alexandria’s participation is still somewhat up in the air. They have tentatively funded 6 stations, but may still move the funding elsewhere.

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