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Arlington takes the lead on green-painted bike lanes

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Arlington’s first green bike lane.

When bikes and cars mix, the key to safety is for both bicyclists and car drivers to be aware of their surroundings, and expect to encounter each other. Therefore the safest bike lane is one that’s highly visible, so that car drivers see it and expect bikes to be using it.

With that in mind, progressive cities around the world have been painting bike lanes green at key locations, to make them more visible. Within the US, green painted lanes are especially common in Portland and New York. DC has exactly one, on 15th Street, SE.

And now Arlington is installing several, at important conflict points where cars and bikes cross. Its first one went in Wednesday afternoon, at the corner of Military Road and Nelly Custis Drive. If weather cooperates, 4 more will be installed around the county over the next few days.

This map shows all 5 of Arlington’s locations. They are Clarendon Blvd at 15th Street North, Wilson Blvd at Veitch Street, Lynn Street at 19th Street North, and 15th Street South across the Pentagon City Mall parking garage entrances. More could come later, at other similar conflict points.

Here is a set of 11 pictures of the first one being installed.

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