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Metrorail train frequency map

This map shows how often trains come at rush hour throughout the Metrorail system. Thick green lines are about every 2-3 minutes, dashed orange lines are every 5, and dotted red are more.

It would be interesting to see a similar map for the bus system.

From WMATA’s service standards report.

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  • Guest123

    Blue line riders say :(nnEast branch red liners like me say :-D, XDDDDD!!!!

  • WHQ Services

    The real problem at Rosslyn isn’t the tunnel per se, its the lack of capacity between Pentagon and Court House. Build a short-cut that bypasses Rosslyn and make Court House (which has a centre platform already) into the connection between a new line running from someplace south of King Street to Vienna. nnSigh. Trains between Pentagon and the change at Rosslyn are 100% full during rush hour. Standing passengers along that segment don’t need to grab a hold because the very high density of passengers means no one could fall over.nnSadly, 6-car trains are the rush-hour norm along there, not 8-car trains.

  • Mapchick

    WMATA tried using signs to convince blue line riders that taking the yellow line to L’Enfant and transferring was faster. I humored them and tried it several times to go from Pentagon City to Farragut West and it is by no means faster. Guess I’ll keep waiting 12 minutes for my train to Largo.



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