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The most expensive bicycle in the DC area

On April 13, Trolley Pub Arlington will begin operating a bicycle bar. In case anyone wonders how much one of these 17-seat bikes costs, or wants to buy one for their own use, here’s the manufacturer.

It’s $40,000, by the way.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005129320507 Rees Cramer

    so there is a keg while I peddle? I got a team form high school that could still win that challenge.

  • http://jacquesofalltrades.tumblr.com Jacques of all trades

    We checked out the Pedal Pub in Minneapolis (they also operate in Chicago and Milwaukee, I think), and it was a great time. nhttp://jacquesofalltrades.tumblr.com/post/1047810385/the-minneapolis-pedal-pub-think-rickshaw-meets nnI’ve actually been wondering when this would get around to DC, with how it fits in the regulatory format being the key challenge. But with pedicabs, and Uber, and Car2Go, and those golf carts that run between Nationals Park and Barracks Row. it looks like local governments are starting to get used to licensing transportation options that don’t fit in traditional boxes. And in this case, it looks like Arlington got there first.

  • LW

    Is this contraption allowed — or required — to use bike lanes?

    • http://twitter.com/beyonddc BeyondDC

      No one is ever required to use bike lanes. All bikes are legal street vehicles and can operate in any lane. nnBut I doubt this could fit in one even if it wanted to.

  • Mattrattigan

    I understand that this can be sold…but is any oganization charging by the hour for this?



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