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Potential WMATA BRT brands.

The Washington region’s first BRT line will open in 2014, running from Crystal City to Alexandria. It will have a dedicated transitway, stations rather than stops, and other amenities above and beyond any other bus line in the region. It will need a fresh brand; WMATA’s MetroExtra look won’t do, since MetroExtra is a much more limited service than BRT.

Thus, WMATA has proposed 2 potential names, and 8 possible paint schemes.

All the paint schemes are vivid and colorful, which is a good thing. High quality services should stand out, so a bright bus livery is appropriate.

My favorite is the blue arrowhead option. The forward-facing arrowheads impart speed, and the blue ties back to MetroExtra, relating WMATA’s 2 premium bus brands under a similar banner.

I’m not a huge fan of either proposed name. Both MetroWay and MetroBeat seem forced, and arbitrary. MetroBeat especially runs the risk of being read as Beat Metro, an unfortunate pun sure to be used mockingly any time something goes wrong.

I’d prefer MetroRapid, a brand Los Angeles uses for a premium (but non-BRT) service that’s similar to WMATA’s MetroExtra.

WMATA also proposes 4 potential pylon options for use at stations. I prefer the options without the large capital M, which I think look a little too similar to Metrorail pylons. But all 4 are good.

If you want to share your opinion about these proposals, WMATA has a survey.

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