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Watch the construction of America’s greatest train shed

In my humble and possibly biased opinion, Washington Union Station is the best train station in the US. A strong case could certainly be made for New York’s Grand Central, and there are plenty of other good ones around the country. But neither our Union Station, nor Grand Central, nor any of America’s largest or most active train stations, have a great train room. There are some small US stations that still have train sheds, such as Harrisburg, but they aren’t grand public spaces like in Europe.

But soon that will change. Denver is building a new train shed on the back of its historic Union Station, in support of a massive regional light rail and commuter rail expansion. And it’s going to be super cool. Construction has been ongoing for quite a while, but over the last week crews have started to put up the train shed itself. You can watch them at work and keep up with progress using the construction webcam.

Here’s what the train room will look like when done:

Image from the Denver Union Station Project Authority.

And here’s their construction progress, as of this morning:

Webcam image from Kiewit Construction.

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  • Nick Finio

    Yayyyy Harrisburg (hometown)! I always loved going there as a kid (would often ride the keystone line to Philly to see relatives). Stepping into the station is like stepping back into the 1920s – the building itself has a very pretty interior. Its great to see the station (Market St. Station in the local dialect) getting more use with increased train/bus travel.

  • http://stopandmove.blogspot.com/ Jass

    They seem to have forgotten to finish the roof

  • http://profiles.google.com/waltersobchak1638 Walter Sobchak

    It may not be a train shed, but having Park Avenue above your platforms isn’t half bad.

  • NikolasM

    Really wish they were able to make this a through station. But looks good.

  • kerry blasdel

    I live in Denver. People here are very very excited at the creation of this multi-modal transportation hub of which the train shed is a part. The white superstructure is almost complete now ( March 23 2013). When completed , this project will change the entire region. It is so cool. Thanks for picking up on this developement!



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